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What is possessive love?

1. When the person demands you to do everything he/she wants and not listening to you at all. 2. Does not want you to talk to anyone of the opposite gender. 3. You do not feel (MORE)
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What is a possessive?

A possessive noun is a noun indicating ownership,  possession, origin or purpose. For example "the story of the  witness" can be turned into "the witness's story".   The (MORE)

What is a possession?

- noun 1. the act or fact of possessing. 2. the state of being possessed. 3. ownership. 4. Law. actual holding or occupancy, either with or without rights of o (MORE)
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What is the possessive of it?

  its. It's is a contraction for it is. Think about it: how else could you form the contraction of it is? One of the most common errors - in fact, just now committed by my (MORE)
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Is he a possessive case?

No, he is a personal pronoun that takes the place of a noun for a male person as the subject of a sentence; the corresponding objective pronoun is him. The possessive case c (MORE)
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What is possessive of Myers?

If the proper noun Myers is the singular name Myers is, the singular possessive form is Myers's. Example: Jim Myers's application has been accepted. If the proper noun Mye (MORE)
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Is her a possessive noun?

No, the word "her" is not a noun. The word "her" is a  pronoun.    The pronoun "her" is a personal pronoun, a word that takes  the place of a noun for a specific pers (MORE)
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Is we possessive?

No, the word 'we' is a personal pronoun, the first person plural subjective form; the objective form is 'us'. Example: We want you to come with us. The possessive forms are (MORE)