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Is we possessive?

No, the word 'we' is a personal pronoun, the first person plural subjective form; the objective form is 'us'. Example: We want you to come with us. The possessive forms are (MORE)

What is adverse possession?

Every state has different laws regarding adverse possession. You need to discuss your particular situation with an attorney. In general, the five elements that must be met to (MORE)

What is a possessive adjective?

A possessive  adjective is a pronoun  that is placed before a noun to describe the noun as belonging to  someone or something. They are: my, your, his, her, their, its.  (MORE)
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What is possessive modifier?

A possessive modifier is a possessive form of noun or pronoun added to another noun to show something other than possession. For example: John's books are in his locker. (the (MORE)

What is a possession in AFL?

Possessions are also commonly known as disposals. Each time a player handballs or kicks the ball that is a disposal. Adding together the number of handballs and kicks a player (MORE)

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What is a possession?

- noun 1. the act or fact of possessing. 2. the state of being possessed. 3. ownership. 4. Law. actual holding or occupancy, either with or without rights of o (MORE)
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What is the possessive of caucus?

There are two accepted forms for possessive singular nouns ending  in s:   Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word:  caucus'   Add an apost (MORE)

What is a possession in Islam?

A possession in Islam is the same in any other religion or culture on condition that it should be Halal "not stolen or not made of any thing that is Haram "prohibited" in Isla (MORE)