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Is superhuman possible?

Nothing is impossible, but you can't become one at will, because our muscles are heavily restricted by our brains, so not to use them too much. However, in the event that you (MORE)

How do you spell possible?

  POSSIBLE : "able to be accomplished", or "within the realm of likelihood" (as, a possible result)
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Which are the possibilities for a narrator?

he may be naive she may be unreliable he may be a persona for the author ...... but for Apex the answer is All of the above are true. 
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What is environmental possiblism?

Environmental possibilism is the idea that although the environment may be limiting in some aspects, humans have the ultimate power to adjust to their environment. This is opp (MORE)

Is it possible?

Of course it's possible! Anything is possible if you just start at the beginning. The answer will come to you. Actually lots of things are not possible like I can't grow wing (MORE)

Is AI possible?

The question: Is AI possible. AI is artaficial inteligence. Intelligence can be defined as: The ability to make decisions and learn information, and the capacity for learning, (MORE)
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What is possiblism?

Possibilism is the name of two different theories, one  philosophical and the other geographical. The philosophical theory  states that all possible words exist and are real (MORE)

Is Justice Possible?

  justice is an illusion of mankind, but we can try (If every one was exactly the same person it would be possible to make real justice). If you don't like my answer you c (MORE)

Is communism possible?

Communism is always possible from my perpective any way apparently china is still under communist regimes i think in Australia communism is not permitted as Sir Gordon Me (MORE)