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How small can a postcard be?

The standard size for a postcard is 4x6" and the biggest size is 6x11". I am not sure if there are postcards smaller than the 4x6".
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What to write in a postcard?

Most people write very short notes in postcards. The postcards areusually sent to and from people that are on vacation.
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How do you make a postcard?

You need to use a template for your postcard project. This will be your guide in designing your work. You can also create it online if the website has a design tool that will ( Full Answer )
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What size is a postcard?

The standard postcard size ranges from 3.5" x 5" to 6.125" x 11.5". Any sizes that will not fit within this range will not be processed by the Post Office. .
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What is postcard postage?

It is currently 28 cents. It may go up later in 2011. It went up May 11, 2009.
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What is a postcard?

A card used to send to someone depicting a picture of a landscape or object/ holiday relating to the place you're visiting and or vacationing at, some people collect them!
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Who invented postcard?

The postcard was "invented" in Austria in 1869, as a way ofincreasing post office business by reducing the time and postage ofletter-writing, and their popularity quickly spre ( Full Answer )
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Where are the Panfu postcards?

jungle ,disco ,cafe ,pool ,volcano ,pirate bar ,beach and pet shop. Jungle, Disco place, ( castle ) restaurant, pool , pirate bar, beach and the pet shop.
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What do you do with the postcards on panfu?

You send them to people. Like typing a message, but on here on Panfu, it doen't let you type in and send messages for real. It only lets you send postcards on Panfu. I don't k ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a postcard?

the purpose of a postcard is to be able to send a personal message to anyone in the world without email