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What is posterior subluxation?

Posterior subluxation is the most common form of posteriorinstability. It is accompanied by pain and functional disability inthe shoulder.

What is posterior herniation?

Posterior herniation is when a disc in the spine becomes damagedand bulges outward from the spinal column toward the back. Commoncauses are work related injury and age.

What does posterior mean?

It means your butt. LOL It means situated behind or at the rear of... Posterior means behind. Towards the rear. Opposite of anterior. Towards the back or dorsal. Situated behi (MORE)

What is posterior listhesis?

Posterior listhesis is a "slip" or compression on the vertebrae ofthe spine. This can be caused by many different factors fromillness to degenerative diseases to injury.

What is posterior karetoconus?

posterior karetroconus is a type of karetoconus .as there are two sides of cornea anterior side ie the outer one and the postertior side the inner one the coning of cornea on (MORE)