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Is honorable in the title of postmaster?

Yes, it seems appropriate. Honorifics such as "Honorable" are usually reserved for elected officials (even a Precinct Chairman can be Honorable,) but officials of very high ra (MORE)

Who is the postmaster of Michigan?

There is no Postmaster of Michigan. There are individual city Postmasters and a Postmaster General who is over the entire Postal Service. So, if you are looking for say the Po (MORE)
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What is the feminine form for postmaster?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English  uses gender specific nouns for male or female.   The noun for a male manager of a postal service is  postma (MORE)
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Who currently appoints the postmaster general?

The Structure of the Postal Service is discussed extensively in the book "Postal Service Labor Arbitrations" by John Zodrow in Colorado. Basically, the Postmaster General (PMG (MORE)

Is postmaster a gazetted officer?

Post master is not an gazetted officer.There is no gazetted officer in postal department below the rank of Superintendent of post.
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