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Why NPO postoperatively?

NPO or "Nothing by mouth" is ordered post-op with variations respective to type of surgery, location of incisions, level of consciousness of patient. Usually, to prevent vomit (MORE)

Why postoperative patient develop atlectasis?

Most patients develop is because it hurts them too much to cough and deep breathe. It's very important that you do these "lung exercises". Most of the time they are given a sp (MORE)

What does postoperative aftercare consist of?

Aftercare includes ensuring that patients are comfortable, either in bed or chair, and that they have their call lights accessible.they may ask the nurse to demonstrate certai (MORE)
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What is postoperative care?

Postoperative care is the management of a patient after surgery. This includes care given during the immediate postoperative period, both in the operating room and postanesthe (MORE)