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Can you postpone your period?

Aside from getting pregnant, NO, There are pills that can do it temporarily though but I can't remember what they are called. Ask your doctor. I used it a long time ago on (MORE)
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How can you postpone a repossession?

(1) Make your payments on time. (2) Call the bank and work out the detales or (3) Hide the vehicle, look behind you all the time, stay up all night watching the car and get re (MORE)
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What does postpone mean?

it means to hold it off for a while till a new date. It means cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a later time.
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What is a deed of postponement?

Deed Of Postponement(DOP) If the customer has a mortgage with Lender 1 then this lender already has a charge at the land registry. How if the customer approaches Lender 2 f (MORE)
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What rhymes with postpone?

postpone rhymes with foam ton loan moan cone and you are very funny cause non of those rhyme with postpone
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How do you spell postpone?

Postpone is the correct spelling. Postphone is the most common spelling error of this word.
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What is infinite postponement?

In any system that keep processes waiting while it makes resources allocation and process scheduling decisions, it is possible to delay indefinitely the scheduling of a proces (MORE)
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What is the noun for postpone?

To postpone means to delay or set for a later time or date. The noun version of this is postponement , which is the amount of time the action is delayed. There is also pos (MORE)
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What the suffix of postpone?

Postpone doesn't have a suffix. You could add the suffix -ment toit to make the word postponement.
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What does postponed mean?

It means that something that was to have been on at one time hasbeen changed to a later time. So an appointment today could bepostponed until next week. A morning appointment (MORE)