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How do you get better posture?

I don't know, but I think i just found out something it had a question and it should have the answer showing about your posture i think it's 1 above this i really forgot for r ( Full Answer )
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What is poor posture?

Posture is the way that humans sit or stand. Poor posture is aresult of different muscles tightening up or shortening whileothers become longer and weaker.
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How do you have a good posture?

push your shoulders back, head level, neck straight. Shoulder stretches help if you have trouble putting your shoulders back.
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How do you improve your posture?

In order to improve your posture, attempt sitting up straight whilein a chair. While walking, do not walk with your back arched.Instead, walk straight with your neck aligned w ( Full Answer )
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What is a postural disorder?

A postural disorder is one that affects the shape of the spine of aperson. This disorder is often harmful or annoying to the host.
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What is postural deviation?

it means you are not using proper body mechanics.\n. \nit means that your posture is poor . Postural derivations may be discussed as functional or structural problems. In ea ( Full Answer )
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What is Good posture and Poor posture?

The criteria for good posture is a properly aligned spine and plum load bearing joints as applicable under under the following conditions: siting, laying, walking, standing an ( Full Answer )
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What is opisthotonic posture?

An extreme, dorsally hyperextended posture of the spine (opisthotonus), characterized by the skull and neck recurved over the back, and with strong extension of the tail
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What is posture or stance?

Posture is how a person holds his/her body in respects to healthy or unhealthy alignment. A person that stands or sits with the back relatively straight, the shoulders back, a ( Full Answer )
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What are examples of posture?

Depends what kind of posture you mean, if you mean posture in communication, rather than fitness, I can help. If someone is sitting back in their chair, with hands on their k ( Full Answer )