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What is poor posture?

Posture is the way that humans sit or stand. Poor posture is aresult of different muscles tightening up or shortening whileothers become longer and weaker.
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What is postural deviation?

it means you are not using proper body mechanics.\n. \nit means that your posture is poor . Postural derivations may be discussed as functional or structural problems. In ea (MORE)
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What is Good posture and Poor posture?

The criteria for good posture is a properly aligned spine and plum load bearing joints as applicable under under the following conditions: siting, laying, walking, standing an (MORE)
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What is opisthotonic posture?

An extreme, dorsally hyperextended posture of the spine (opisthotonus), characterized by the skull and neck recurved over the back, and with strong extension of the tail

What is posture or stance?

Posture is how a person holds his/her body in respects to healthy or unhealthy alignment. A person that stands or sits with the back relatively straight, the shoulders back, a (MORE)
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What are examples of posture?

Depends what kind of posture you mean, if you mean posture in communication, rather than fitness, I can help. If someone is sitting back in their chair, with hands on their k (MORE)