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For tomatoes in pots use potting soil or potting mix?

  Potting mix is what is advised by my gardner husband to plant tomatoes, because it contains peat moss and usually nutrients which will adhere to the roots and keep them (MORE)
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What is pot bowling?

Pot bowling in tenpin bowling is when you are bowling for money. It may mean bowling against another player or a team against a team for an amount of money.
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What is a pinch pot?

A pinch pot is a small clay pot, made by starting with a ball of clay and pressing a hole on it, then pinching the sides until it becomes a pot.

What is catch pot?

A Catchpot (GB Pat No 2302394) was invented by UK inventor Dennis Henson. A Catchpot is a container device used to catch some of the water flowing from float operated water va (MORE)

What rhymes with pot?

These words rhyme with pot: dot, not, rot, hot, lot, jot, wot, cot, bot, got, sot, bought, tater tot allot ascot aught begot besot besought bethought big-shot (MORE)

What does smoking pot do to you?

Smoking pot actually does have a few physical after effects. It can effect the lungs negatively because tar is being deposited, just like cigarette smoking. Since marijuana sm (MORE)
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What is a pedi-pot?

Neti pot is a small teapot used to give yourself a salt water nasal wash to clear the sinuses. You can compromise with a small container with a spout on it. If you use tap wat (MORE)

What is POTS?

Potential Octopus Terrorists Surfacing: This is when a large group of people actively get together and protest for the lives of whales instead of octopuses. This means that th (MORE)