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Is there OPIATES in pot?

does hydrocodone show positive on a pot drug test Only if your pot was laced with opiates. If not, no. Marijuana does not naturally contain opiates.

What will pot do to you?

Smoking cannabis creates a very inner personal feeling of enjoyment. Being "high" amplifies your 5 senses. If you love eating a cheeseburger, then being high while eating a ch (MORE)

What is a pot?

A pot is a saucepan. The word pot without any articles before it is the common 'street name' for Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa.

What it pot?

pot be the magical drug that doesnt harm your body, and makes you feel better than anything in the whole universe. it also turn you into a pilot. and it also turns you into a (MORE)

Where do you get pot?

i get pot from ppl cuz they like to give it to me for free its like breathing in oxygen everday....

For tomatoes in pots use potting soil or potting mix?

Potting mix is what is advised by my gardner husband to plant tomatoes, because it contains peat moss and usually nutrients which will adhere to the roots and keep them moist (MORE)

What is POTS?

Potential Octopus Terrorists Surfacing: This is when a large group of people actively get together and protest for the lives of whales instead of octopuses. This means that t (MORE)
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What is the berrie pot?

The Berry pot is where you can plant berries and they grow and duplicate (you can get 2 or more off of 1 plant - 1 berry grown into a plant = 2 of that 1 berry you used)

Can you get pot?

What is wrong with you!? You should never smoke pot because it is horrible to your health. Never, ever even joke about it.