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What is potassium?

Potassium is an element, atomic number 19 and the symbol K. Because the pure alkali metal oxidizes rapidly in air and water, it is normally found as an ionic salt. Potassium i (MORE)

What is potassium carbonate?

Potassium carbonate (K2CO3) is commonly known as potash. It is a white mineral salt used to create alkaline aqueous solutions. It is used for many types of industrial proces (MORE)
In Oranges

Is there potassium in oranges?

probably   Yes, Oranges contain potassium One Glass of Orange juice( 8 ounce) has 450 mg (13% of DRV). But be easy on it, it also has lots of sugar.
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What has potassium?

Foods high in potassium: Food/serving size/potassium in mg Apricots, dried | 10 halves | 407 / Avocados, raw | 1 ounce | 180 / Bananas, raw | 1 cup | 594 / Beets, cooked | 1 c (MORE)

How do you mine potassium?

you cannot mine pure potassium but you can mine potassium chloride or as it as Potash ore. These mines are found allover the world where there have been ancient sea that have (MORE)

Who discovered potassium and when was potassium discovered?

sir humprhy davy discovered it in 1807 by running an electrical current through some potash (pot-ash) which melted it making potassium Pot ash is made by burning plant leaves (MORE)