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Where did potawatomi live?

The traditional and original homelands of this tribe were in the lower peninsula of Michigan; by 1690 they were at Green Bay and by 1720 in southern Michigan. By the 1760s the (MORE)

What is the potawatomi tribe like?

There are seven bands of Potawatomi called tribes they are all alittle different but almost all of the culture is the same I encourage you to go to Pokagon Times blog if you w (MORE)

What did the Potawatomi house look like?

They were small log buildings. They did not hold very many people. Most families had to have more than one house to live in. Correction: Potowatomi did not live in small log (MORE)

What does the potawatomi symbol repusent?

It is not clear which particular symbol you mean. The Prairie Band Potawatomi today use a badge that symbolises the real name of the tribe: bodéwadmi or Keepers of the (MORE)

What did the Potawatomi tribe use for weapons?

The Potawatomi used exactly the same kinds of weapons as all their neighbours: bows, war clubs, knives and (later) guns obtained from traders. Potawatomi bows were about 50 (MORE)
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How did the potawatomi hunt?

They lived close to rivers so it was easy to get fish and they always went to the forests and or jungles to hunt for animals like porqupines and squirrels and just a whole bun (MORE)
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Where is the Potawatomi located?

Potawatomi is located in the upper areas of the Mississippi River region. This term also refers to a group of Native American people who occupy this area and speak their own P (MORE)