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What is potential gradient?

The rate of change of potential with respect to distance is called potential gradient. its unit is volt per meter or newton/coulomb.

What is Potentiated Magnesium?

Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) is an advanced form of the essential mineral magnesium (Mg), featuring Maxcelint Uptake for enhanced intestinal absorption and optimum cellular uti (MORE)

What is the potential relay?

All relays need a potential to operate. Potential is another name for voltage. There is a potential sensing relay that is used to monitor the voltage of a circuit. If the volt (MORE)

What is potential tourism?

In order to have tourism, there are two requirements: a place that is worth visiting, and people who have enough disposable income and spare time to be able to indulge an inte (MORE)

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What does Potential mean?

Potential is an unrealized or unused ability or attribute. Human Potential For an individual, abilities that can be developed into valuable or beneficial activities, or a pr (MORE)

What is a velocity potential?

    A velocity potential is a scalar function whose gradient is equal to the velocity of the fluid at that point. If a fluid is incompressible and has zero viscosity ( (MORE)

What are potential hazards?

A "potential hazard" is a hazard that might be there but has not yet made itself apparent. Actually this is not a very useful phrase, except for people who need weasel words t (MORE)
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What is junction potential?

When two dissimilar metals come into contact as in the case of copper and ferrous due to diffusion electrons get migrated right from one to the other and so a potential of the (MORE)