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Electric potential or potential difference?

You can compare 'potential' with height, and 'potential difference' with the difference in height. The height of an object depends upon from where you measure it. For exam (MORE)

What are potential transformer?

potential transformer is that which transforms one range of voltage (potential difference ) to another range without changing frequency. Answer A ' potential transformer ' (MORE)

What is potential and potential difference?

You can compare ' potential ' with the height of an object, and ' potential difference ' with the difference in height between two objects. Height is not absolute, we always (MORE)
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An object with potential energy has potential to what?

Ans . Potential energy is the energy of position. An object at a higher position has more potential energy. The idea is that it has the potential to do work - the "potential (MORE)
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Is potentially an adverb?

Yes, it is an adverb. It means "in a manner having a potential orpossibility" rather than "absolutely."
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What is potential resources?

Potential resources are those that exist in a region and may be used in the future. For example, petroleum may exist in many parts of India, having sedimentary rocks but until (MORE)