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Can you potentiate soma?

yes. pop some oxycontin, tabs, morphine, and opium related drug. i  use to take like 80mg to sometimes 160mg of oxycontin and pop one  or two somas and then wait like an hou (MORE)

What are graded potentials?

  Voltage impulses in neuronal dendrites which vary in strength. (and btw, the following previous DETAILED answer is WONDERFUL!!)   Upon being stimulated (by another (MORE)

What is a potential transformer?

Potential transformers are instrument transformers. They have a large number of primary turns and a few number of secondary turns. It is used to control the large value of vol (MORE)
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What is potentially inclusive?

Potentially inclusive events are events that can happen simultaneously. For example, events A and B can occur at the same time. When these events do cannot occur simultaneousl (MORE)
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What is potential enrgy?

Energy which is gained by a body due to its position is known as potential energy
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What is an opiate potentiator?

A potentiator increases the strength or effects of something. In this case an opiate potentiator would make the opiate stronger. There are many potentiators that can be as (MORE)

What is closing potential?

The closing potential is the time when the closing is supposed to  happen. When purchasing a home, it is hard to determine the exact  date in case of something that may go w (MORE)
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What is potential resources?

Potential resources are those that exist in a region and may be used in the future. For example, petroleum may exist in many parts of India, having sedimentary rocks but until (MORE)

What is potential impact?

A "potential impact" is the effect one thing may have on another. In a standard cause/effect relationship, the "potential impact" is the effect or result. In the example bel (MORE)