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Why was the Potsdam conference held?

The purpose of the Potsdam Conference, held August 2, 1945, was to  decide punishment for Germany and how to pick the pieces up in  Europe after World War II. It is sometime (MORE)

What was a major conflict at the Potsdam Conference?

How to punish the defeated Nazi Germany after they unconditionally  surrendered to the allies in WWII
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Why was the Potsdam Declaration signed?

The Potsdam Declaration was signed because The USA and Japan were pointing bombs at each other, so the Potsdam Declaration made peace between the USA and Japan. It is/was basi (MORE)

What were the goals of yalta and potsdam?

The conference was to bring Stalin into WW2 against Japan, discuss  the forming of the United Nations, what would happen to Poland,  what would happen to Germany. It ended w (MORE)

What is the Potsdam meetings?

The Potsdam meetings, also known as the Potsdam Conference, were  held from July 17,1945 to August 2,1945 in Potsdam, Germany. The  participants were the US, UK and Soviet u (MORE)

Why was the Potsdam conference less successful then Yalta?

In Yalta, the Americans needed the USSR's help in the Pacific war,  and so were prepared to agree to nearly all of Stalin's demands.  This included allowing the USSR to expa (MORE)