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What is pottery?

  Are objects that are first shaped of wet clay, then hardened by baking. Pottery is the ceramic ware made by potters. Pottery includes both decorative and practical items (MORE)

How do you make a pottery by the pottery wheel?

Making pottery on a potter's wheel is challenging and takes training and practice. Watching an experienced potter can be deceiving because it looks effortless. Many things are (MORE)

What is pottery used for?

  When man learned to control fire, eventually the practical uses of clay was discovered. The oldest pottery discovered are crude and broken but they served their purpose. (MORE)

What pottery tools do you need for pottery?

  Basically the tools that are a must for pottery are kilns, kick wheels and other wheels - plus a variety of smaller pieces of equipment. Other things that are needed are (MORE)

Is pottery easy?

Yes pottery is easy if you are willing to learn. The philosophy behind pottery is to mold something using pottery materials such as clay. with a few techniques you can be a st (MORE)

Why do the potteries not make pottery?

Without more information about your question, it is hard to be clear about why potteries don't make pottery. If you are referring to a pottery wheel not correctly producing po (MORE)