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How to go potty?

  There's always a tree or bush around most everywhere. Holding off on a biological function such as this can be harmful to your health. If you gotta go ... you gotta go . (MORE)

How do you potty train a hamster?

You first buy a litter pan at a pet store with some potty sand. Set the pan in cage corner where the hamster usually uses the bathroom. Put a few pellets so that it relizes it (MORE)

Is lizard's potty poisonous?

No. If a reptile like a snake has venom, which it uses to kill it's prey, some of the venom may be left in the feaces. However, only a small amount of lizards can do this, so (MORE)

Can chihuahuas be potty trained?

I had a chihuahua a long time ago and I thought I would loose my  mind trying to potty train it. My husband found it roaming the  streets. So I took it to the vet and he sai (MORE)
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Why potty is yellow?

because of starch intake in our body which tends to change colour from black to yellow and also turmeric plays very important role for changing its colour