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Which classes of poultry are recommended for roasting?

Broilers are excellent roasting chickens. You can also roast  turkey, guinea, duck and any other fowl. All types of fowl have  been roasted throughout humans history. Broile (MORE)

What is drawn poultry?

Drawn poultry is what you buy in the grocery store in the United States. The chicken feathers are removed, as are the head, feet and guts. They are uncooked and either chilled (MORE)
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Is duck poultry or game?

Duck which has been farmed for slaughter and sale as meat is called poultry. Wild duck which has been killed by hunters from necessity, or by sporting shooters for enjoyment o (MORE)

What is the plural of poultry?

'Poultry' is an uncountable noun, therefore there is no plural. Same as for money, the word makes sense on its own but two 'moneys' would be nonsense.
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What milk and poultry made of?

Milk is made of saturated fat,protein,calcium,and vitamin C. Poultry is made up of protein and lipids.
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How do you calculate FCR in poultry?

FCR = total Feed consumed by birds/total weight gain e.g. 1000 broilers consumed 3500 kg feed in 45 days of rearing Total wight of birds is 1750 kg from 1000 birds FCR = 3500/ (MORE)

What is poultry breeding?

  Poultry breeding is the act of pairing birds so that they lay eggs that will hatch the next generation of bird. Breeders pair the birds for specific reasons, to raise a (MORE)

How much poultry seasoning for a turkey?

Seasoning depends on personal taste and the size of the turkey.  Start with a light coating all over the turkey and add mire as  needed.
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