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Is poutine a side dish?

no it is not    Answer:   Poutine is a wonderful snack food - french fries covered with curds and gravy - developed in the Province of Quebec (usually served with a (MORE)

When was poutine invented?

Answer to who and when- the poutineThe poutine was invented in 1957 and about the beginning of the 1960s. Here's the story. Monsieur Fernand Lachance owned a small restaurant (MORE)

How many calories are in a poutine?

  It depends on the size of the serving and recipe. A large size poutine with real curds will run you about 700 calories !
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Why is poutine so popular?

It's delicious! It's french fries with gravy and a bunch of other stuff with it. Nice to eat on a cold day, warms you up. Not sure if they still have it but in DC they have/ha (MORE)