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How do you make poutine?

Answer . \nThe French Fries - The potatos must be hand-cut and very fresh. Fast-food-type fries will not taste quite as good. Also, you must fry the potatoes in pure lard. (MORE)

When was poutine invented?

Answer to who and when- the poutine The poutine was invented in 1957 and about the beginning of the 1960s. Here's the story. Monsieur Fernand Lachance owned a small restau (MORE)

What is poutine?

it's a famous quebec meal made from curd chease french fries and gravy it the best thing you'l ever taste althought it gives you gas about a hour after

Who invented poutine?

Poutine, a Canadian dish of French fries topped with cheese curdand sauce originated in the Quebec countryside. Some people say that it was begun by Jean-Paul Roy in Drummond (MORE)

Why is Poutine called Poutine?

The etymology of poutine is pretty confusing. . Some say its from the English word pudding. . Others feel it comes from the Provençal words poutingo "bad stew" or poutit (MORE)
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Does poutine contain meat?

The only meat in poutine would be in the gravy. Poutine contains fries and gravy on top with melted cheese.

Why is poutine so popular?

It's delicious! It's french fries with gravy and a bunch of other stuff with it. Nice to eat on a cold day, warms you up. Not sure if they still have it but in DC they have/ha (MORE)