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What can will power do?

Will power can make the difference of whether you succeed or fail. If you diet, or smoke or drink heavily or have any kind of habit that you want to change about yourself; If (MORE)

How do you have powers?

well you can get a glass of water move your, hands like you have powers and close your eyes and close them tightly and keep repeating this , I'm going to have powers, and repe (MORE)

Who has the power?

He-Man! There are many different kinds of power. Arguably, heads of state have the most power over condition of life. Other answers: . The Power Company . power l (MORE)
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Do I have power?

That depends. If you believe that knowledge is power, and you have knowledge, than yes. If you believe having skills means having power... etc. It's all about how you define (MORE)
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What is the power?

Power in electricity is the rate at which electrical energy(E) is produced or consumed in a given time(t). Is measured in watts(W).

How can you get powers?

same time i wish i had super power but i dont know where to get it. same time i wish i had super power but i dont know where to get it. same time i wish i had super power bu (MORE)

What is power?

Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such asmotion, heat, or an electromagnetic field. The common symbol for power is the uppe (MORE)
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What are powerful?

The love necklace. It's only found in Australia. There's no other powerful things but in the future people say we will find dangerous things.
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How do I get powers?

All I can say is that you can't. If you could, you would be bornwith it like me.