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How did Zeus get his power?

I dont f'ing know   Zeus bought his powers online and used them to strike against people. Zeus got his power for taking his place from his father his people gave him the po (MORE)

What are Zeus powers?

his power is to control the sky, the thunder, and the gods orders. his powers are almost the same as Oranos, Zeus's grandfather

Who are Zeus' children names and powers?

Zeus' children are Athena, goddess of wisdom Artemis, goddess of hunt and moon Apollo, god of music, reason, and sun Ares, god of war Dionyus (or Dinoyas) god of wine Hephaest (MORE)

How did Zeus Poseidon and Hades get their powers?

Cronus was told by his father Uranus and Mother Earth that one of his own sons would someday over throw him. Cronus then swallowed the first five children that his wife, Rhea, (MORE)

What were Zeus' powers?

Zeus had many powers. One is that he could manipulate lightning. He was also the ruler of the gods.
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How did Zeus get his powers?

Here is what i know, zeus was born with no powers at all but did control the skies, from what i learned, in the titan war the gods and titans struggled to win against one anot (MORE)

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