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Why have a Queen if she is powerless?

How is the Queen powerless? , She has full controll over the British army , Air force and navey. Do you really consider that as being powerless? Plus she is head of the Church (MORE)

Is there a sequel to the powerless book?

Powerless by Mattew Cody? Then yes, it's called Super. It's supposedly coming out September 25th, 2012, this is supposed to be the back cover summary: Daniel Corrigan i (MORE)

When did the British Monarchy become powerless?

For many scholars the Monarchy in England became powerless, more or less, with the removal of James IInd in 1688. James reigned by Divine Right in many people's minds. He was (MORE)

What spell that made Voldemort powerless?

Voldemort lost his powers when he cast the killing curse at one year old Harry. Harry couldn't die because his mother died to save him and Voldemort cannot understand love. Th (MORE)

What is powerless the book about?

Powerless by Matthew Cody is about a 12 year old boy named Daniel. Daniel is in for a shock when he finds out that his new friends all have superpowers. Strangely, though, wh (MORE)
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Where can someone buy powerless tools?

Powerless tools can come in extremely useful at times, especially when working in a place where there is no electricity, or when training a young person, due to the comparativ (MORE)