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Why powerlifting in Olympics?

To provide variety with respect to strength sports, open more opportunities for athletes to showcase their hard work, and give deserving individuals an opportunity to represen ( Full Answer )
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Why powerlifting not in Olympics?

Because Olympic Lifting (i.e. Snatch and C+J) are considered the lifting events of the Olympics. This can be considered unfair because swimming events in the Olympics can g ( Full Answer )
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What are the powerlifting weight classes?

Men : 52kg , 56kg , 60kg , 67.5kg , 75kg , 82.5kg , 90kg , 100kg ,110kg , 125kg , 140kg , +140kg Women : 44kg , 48kg , 52kg , 56kg , 60kg , 67.5kg , 75kg , 82.5kg ,90kg , 90kg ( Full Answer )
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Why do people do powerlifting?

For many people it is a need to put more weight on the bar, for others, it is a need to over compensate. The answer to this is the same answer as to why any athlete does anyth ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get trained to do powerlifting?

search online for a powerlifting gym near you and try to e-mail someone and see if they will let you train with them and give you tips.
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When did powerlifter Eric coppin died?

Not sure when he died but I know he committed suicide.Still got old video footage of Eric Coppin at a Powerlifting Grand Prix in 1984 (I think).I lifted on the same platform t ( Full Answer )
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What is ironman powerlifting?

Ironman powerlifting is a term used to describe a push/pull meet that has either a strict curl or overhead press event added to it so that is now a three lift meet. Not to be ( Full Answer )
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Is Powerlifting an endurance sport?

Not at all. Powerlifting is about lifting a weight once and it is therefore a pure strength sport.
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Who invented the Westside method in powerlifting?

The Westside Barbell method in powerlifting was first introduced by Louie Simmons. The method incorporates a number of other methods from powerlifting.