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What is the powerpoint?

A PowerPoint is where you make a bunch of slides. You can press F5 and to enter full-screen mode, and press the right arrow button to change slides. It is a great tool used fo ( Full Answer )
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What PowerPoint can do?

PowerPoint is a program that helps you create impressive presentations. A Presentation is composed of bunch of slides that are shown one after the other. The presentation can ( Full Answer )
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What can you do on powerpoints?

Powerpoint offers lots of things to create and show, such as: . You can create presentations to display to an audience, e.g if you are a teacher you might use PowerPoint to ( Full Answer )
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What can PowerPoint do?

PowerPoint is presentation software. It allows you to communicate your ideas and concepts easier, using a slide show. Some people use it in conjunction with lectures, to visu ( Full Answer )
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What can a PowerPoint do?

Powerpoint creates slides like a slideshow presentation. Can also show media like music, pictures and movies. has animations and cutomizable objects and themes. AWESOME STUFF
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What can you do for your Powerpoint?

You could do a PowerPoint on your pet, friends favourite animal or a hobby whatever your interested in hope this helped ya xxx
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What can PowerPoint not do?

To be honest nothing , but I don't think that you can manage tofully use it. I for instance hired I firm ( ) when I needed to make a presentation, I usedthem. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on a PowerPoint?

You have to have a certain activity log in but if you have it then it'll be a capital P with an orange light around it.
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What are PowerPoints?

PowerPoint is a software for desktop users. It was created by theWindows creating company Microsoft.
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What do not do in a PowerPoint?

Don't use too many animations. . Don't have a messy background. . Don't improvise the whole presentation, if that is your assignment.