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What countries practice or practiced Catholicism?

Catholicism at one time dominated almost all of Europe. From Italy, Spain, Hapsburg Empire, England and etc. It was not till the Protestant revolt when areas such as the Germa (MORE)

What do taoist practice?

Taoism in an ancient Chinese religion. What a Taoist practices  varies upon his lineage. Generally, Taoism is the practice of  accepting yourself and understanding how to li (MORE)
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What is clinical practice?

Clinical practice is "Clinical practice guidelines are statements  that include recommendations intended to optimize patient care.  They are informed by a systematic review (MORE)

Why practice aquaponics?

Recirculation of water... prevention of diseases in water resources... nitrogen cycle... water each time becomes more and more rich... while the bacteria from the crop roots g (MORE)

What is dishonest practice?

What would the Savior Jesus Christ do is your main consideration. This is a tough one at times. If your eating dinner at someones house and they ask how did you like the casse (MORE)