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What does practically mean?

It can be used in a couple of different ways in English.  Practically can replace the word "almost" "or nearly".   e.g.   "The rope twisted and practically tore his f (MORE)
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Were do the packers practice?

The packers practice on a field right across from their stadium in green bay. On days with bad weather they practice in the don Hudson center. outdoor packer practices can be (MORE)

What is a practical Catholic?

Are you referring to a practicing Catholic? If you  are, it refers to a person of the Catholic faith who practices his  faith as opposed to a lapsed Catholic who is a baptiz (MORE)

What is code of practice?

A code of practice is a written set of guidelines issued by an  official body or a professional association. It outlines the rules  and expectations of the group to help mem (MORE)
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Where and why is dowry practiced?

specially in eastern part of south Asia ( India and Nepal) practised this kind of practice. first of all it is custom and second in the poor and underdeveloped place it is exi (MORE)

What countries practice or practiced Catholicism?

Catholicism at one time dominated almost all of Europe. From Italy, Spain, Hapsburg Empire, England and etc. It was not till the Protestant revolt when areas such as the Germa (MORE)
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Why is it important to practice?

If we don't practice we will not be able to success. It is true that practice makes a man perfect. According to me practice is directly proportional to success. The more we wi (MORE)
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What is culinary practices?

Describes not only the foods and drinks that are characteristic to a particular culture but also the methods of preparation that these cultures generally employ in food prepar (MORE)

How do you practice kissing?

ANSWER 1 To be honest I've never really practiced. I mean some people practice on their hands or fruit or stuff like that. I say go el-natural. Nothings better then the natura (MORE)

What are the religious practices?

To look for grand unification of whatever! To work towards convergence with love in heart and for purity of soul and purpose---any activity could be religious Its kindling (MORE)