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What countries practice or practiced Catholicism?

Catholicism at one time dominated almost all of Europe. From Italy, Spain, Hapsburg Empire, England and etc. It was not till the Protestant revolt when areas such as the Germa (MORE)
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What is a practical?

Practical is the synonym of realistic. When practical term is used, it simply means that the statement is not hypothetical. It can be done because it is practical.
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What is the difference between practice and practice?

Practice is a noun. Practise is a verb. Ie. You need more practice. You must practise. Unless you are writing American English, in which case it's always "practice." But (MORE)
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Who practices Islam and where is it practiced?

Muslims are those who practice Islam. Islam is practiced everywhere in the world, but predominantly in South Asia, Indonesia, and Middle East and North Africa.
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Where is Islam practiced mainly practiced?

Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. Qatar, Kuwait, ...), India subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, ...), South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, (MORE)
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What do you practice when practicing for netball?

You practise shooting, passing to each other, defending/intercepting balls, breaking/dodging, getting rebounds, positioning on the court, stretching your hands out, pivoting, (MORE)
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Is it assembly practice or assembly practice?

If you were to say, "I need to go to my assembly ______." You would use Practice. You use practise when you are using "practice" as a verb. e.g. "I really need to prac (MORE)
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What does practical and practically mean?

Practical - so close it can be regarded as nearly virtual. Practically - bordering on, or on the verge. The two words mean the same, but are used differently in a sentence.