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Example of pragmatism?

An example of pragmatism is in career education. If someone wantsto become an auto mechanic, there is no need to teach the elementsof a paragraph, as this will not be essentia ( Full Answer )
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What is a pragmatic marriage?

A pragmatic marriage is one that is arranged by the parents without regard to the child's preferences or desires and a same-sex marriage is a union between two parties of the ( Full Answer )
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What is ontological pragmatism?

It is a kind of pragmatism, since it views thematic knowledge as an instrumental function of experience aimed for transformation.
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What are pragmatic rules?

linguistic rules that help the communicators understand how messages can be used and interpreted in a given context. "some pragmatic rules aren't shared by most people in a ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for pragmatic?

Pragmatic means practical and sensible. An example sentence usingpragmatic is: She took a pragmatic approach to clothing, selectingoutfits that were best suited for the activi ( Full Answer )
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What is pragmatism?

Pragmatic means the spirit or act of being practical, or calmly accepting the facts. William James and John Dewey were known as the fathers of pragmatism. Pragmatism may a ( Full Answer )
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What is pragmatic intelligence?

A person with pragmatic intelligence is one who looks at problemswith a sensible and realistic approach. This type is oftensensible, practical, and down-to-earth.
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What is romantic pragmatism?

"Pragma - love that is driven by the head, not the heart; undemonstrative; pragmatic love with the purpose of achieving a common goal, as in a coalition" Pragmatism refers to ( Full Answer )
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What is operational pragmatism?

prag·ma·tism noun  /ˈpragməˌtizəm/  . A pragmatic attitude or policy . - ideology was tempered with pragmatism . An approach that as ( Full Answer )
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Is pragmatic a noun?

No the word pragmatic is not a noun. It is an adjective. The noun form is pragmatics which is the study of language in asocial context.