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What made life in the Chesapeake so precarious?

Life in the 1600s was hard in Chesapeake. Colonists faced brutal summer heat and humidity, spells of hunger, heavy labor, outbreaks of conflict, and illness. Along with the us (MORE)
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What is precarious mean as a noun?

The word precarious is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as dangerously lacking in security or steadiness; depending on unknown conditions or chance events. The noun (MORE)

A sentence for precarious?

the chair was in a precarious position by the top step. GLAD TO HELP !!
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How do you use precariously in sentence?

pre⋅car⋅i⋅ous [pri-kair-ee-uhs] -adjective1. | dependent on circumstances beyond one's control; uncertain; unstable; insecure e.g a precarious livelihood.2. | dependent (MORE)