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What is a condition precedent?

A condition precedent is a fact [act or event] which must exist or occur before a duty of immediate performance of a promise arises. (A condition precedent initiates a duty) ( Full Answer )
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What is precedent?

Precedent is a legal term meaning there was a decision made about the same topic before. For example, the Supreme Court's decisions have precedent over all the courts lower th ( Full Answer )
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What is a legal precedent?

a legal precedent is principles of law set down by a higher court that are binding on lower courts in the same hierachy
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What is the meaning of preceding?

\nPreceding: Existing or coming before another or others in time, place, rank, or sequence; previous.\n. \nHope I helped you.
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He was preceded in death or he is preceded in death?

You would say " preceded..." if you note that fact at the person's time of death. "Was preceded" is how the obituary would be worded because it was written after the pers ( Full Answer )
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How are precedents made?

Precedent is a feature of the Common Law tradition of law.Precedent refers to the legal principle announced by a higher courtthat must be followed in later cases. A recent dec ( Full Answer )
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Do you set a precedent or set a precedence?

Speaking in a grammatical sense, one sets a precedent, not aprecedence. Precedent in law refers to a legal decision that serves as a ruleor pattern in future cases. Example: T ( Full Answer )
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What is a binding precedent?

Binding Precedent is a judgement that must be followed. The SupremeCourt is not bound by any other court or it's own previousjudgements. However in European matters it is boun ( Full Answer )
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What precedes a noun?

Preceding a noun is usually an adjective that describes the noun or the articles a, the, an. (See! It just happened.)
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What is a precedent?

A judgment passed by a court in favour or against in any given type of case which never happened can become a Precedent. a Precedent is a reference judgment or case. For ( Full Answer )