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At a school clinical your preceptor threatened to fail you for talking to your program director about how she ran the clinical She failed you and now you have to repeat the rotation can you sue school?

Sure. But what can you prove? As long as the school had its policy documented and the preceptor documented your failure to meet the goals of the clinical rotation, you probabl ( Full Answer )
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What does preceptor for medical students mean?

A teacher; an instructor. . An expert or specialist, such as a physician, who gives practical experience and training to a student, especially of medicine or nursing.
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Where can one purchase a preceptor?

A preceptor is teacher. The preceptor upholds certain laws or traditions. So one can not really purchase a preceptor unless they are hiring one or bribing one.
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What is the feminine form of preceptor?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The noun 'preceptor' is a common gender noun , a word for amale or ( Full Answer )