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What is precision grip?

A precision grip is the way you grab an object between the opposed  tactile pads of the tips of the thumb and the fingers. Tactile pads  are areas of the skin that are espec (MORE)

What is precision journalism?

PRECISION JOURNALISM is simply the application of social and behavioural science research methods to the practice of journalism. It is applying social science research methods (MORE)

What is precision machining?

  Precision machining is a process where material is removed from a component to a very high tolerance. The tolerance held depends on the machine but most percision CNC ma (MORE)
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What is a precision diode?

A precision diode is a diode with 0V (or near 0V) voltage drop when forward biased, unlike a normal diode which has a finite forward voltage drop of typically 0.2 to 0.8V depe (MORE)

What is precision resistor?

A precision resistor is a resistor that has an actual value that is very close (or precise) to its nominal (or stated value). Therefore, precision resistors have a very degree (MORE)

What is precising definition?

The word precise means marked by exactness and accuracy of  expression or detail. It can also be used to emphasize that one is  referring to an exact or particular thing.
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What is precise measurement?

Precision refers how close measurements of the same thing are to  each other. A precise measurement is one that is similar or the  same as previous measurements. A precise m (MORE)

What is precision microtome?

A device for slicing ultra thin slices, called sections - hence sectioning - from a solid block of sample for viewing under microscopes. They used to be precision, but the la (MORE)

What describes precision?

Precision is the degree of accuracy, exactness and distinctness ofsomething. For instance, when referring to a dollar amount, one might say anitem costs $4.00 when the precis (MORE)