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What is non-precision?

Since precision refers to being as exact as possible, non-precision (or imprecision ) is the idea of approximating the right answer or measurement to some degree. Th (MORE)
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What do prEcise verbs do?

Precise verbs basically replace the more commonly used verbs to further clarify an's an example...if i say i got a is very general but if instead i sa (MORE)
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What is a precision diode?

A precision diode is a diode with 0V (or near 0V) voltage drop when forward biased, unlike a normal diode which has a finite forward voltage drop of typically 0.2 to 0.8V depe (MORE)

How do you spell precises?

The adjective is "precise" (accurate). The noun is "precision." The astronomical term would be "precesses" (subject to precession). The similar plural words are "process (MORE)

What are chinchillas precisely?

Chinchillas are classified as rodents but they live in colonies and care for their young longer than other rodents. They are a South American animal that is often raised ther (MORE)