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What is precocious?

Unusually early development or maturity, especially in mental aptitude. Blossoming. precocious: adj; acting or seeming older than one's age.
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What does precocious mean?

Precocious means unusually able at a very young age. We're talking about children who can translate from the Greek at the age of four or play piano concertos at the age of six (MORE)

How is precocious puberty treated?

A six-year-old girl is not ready for puberty. Ask any little girl who's being teased because her breasts are growing, who's experiencing the mood swings and sexual feelings of (MORE)
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What kind of birds have precocial chicks?

Precocial chicks are birds that fend for themselves after emerging from the shell of the egg. The emerge with eyes open and covered with down to aid in survival. There are fou (MORE)

How do you use precocious in a sentence?

My nephew, who is now a Harvard mathematician was a precocious child who could multiply and divide in the first grade.. Even the most precocious children can demonstrate sign (MORE)

What is the definition of precocious?

In Biology, the term precocial refers to species in which the young are relatively mature and mobile from the moment of birth or hatching.
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