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What is the predominant religion in the US?

Approximately 80% of all people in the USA are Christians, making Christianity the predominant religion, mainly consisting of Protestants, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox. C ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for predominant?

Predominant is a word used to describe someone or something whocomes off as having the most power. He was very predominant in thechurch.
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What is a sentence for predominating?

1- Anger was the predominating mood in the election. 2- Happiness was the predominating mood in the party. The Heats are going to be predominating this season.
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Is Louisiana predominately Catholic?

Yes, Louisiana is predominantly Catholic as opposed to Protestant, it was settled by Catholics from France.
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What is Germany's predominant ideology?

I think most Germans would be surprised by the suggestion that they have an ideology. The overwhelming majority of Germans are committed to democracy and what they call the 's ( Full Answer )
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What is the predominent atmosphere of Venus'?

The atmosphere of Venus consists mainly of carbon dioxide, and a small amount of nitrogen. The thick cloud cover is composed of sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid droplets. Beca ( Full Answer )
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What is a predominant meter?

Predominant meter is a term used in English poetry. It is anaccentual-syllabic verse which fixes the number of syllables andstresses in a stanza or line.
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Where does Islam predominate?

Islam is a religion which has adherents all over the world, but not inequal measure. The region with the highest concentration of Muslims isthe Middle East and North Africa wh ( Full Answer )