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Why you want to be a prefect?

because i want to help other students, and also i feel like it would give me good experience for the future and futhurmore i feel like it woud give me more confidence..
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What are duties of a prefect?

A prefect is like a hall monitor. Their duties can include a  liaison between students and teachers, an information officer or a  police officer for a school.
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How can we have prefect sex?

  pre·fect      /ˈprifɛkt/ Show Spelled[pree-fekt] Show IPA -noun1.a person appointed to any of various positions of command, authority, or superintendence, a (MORE)
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What is a prefect for kids?

A prefect is usually an older child chosen for their mature attitude and as a role model for younger children
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What is the reasons to be a prefect?

So that you are higher up in the school, and are respected a little more by students in the school and by the teachers, basically so that you can have more of a say within the (MORE)