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Why was Harry not a prefect?

Not everybody becomes prefect, only two people from every house and every year. Harry didn't become a prefect, because Dumbledore thought he had a little too much on his plate (MORE)
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What will you contribute to the school if you become a prefect?

first let us know what the meaning of a leader .a leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. If i become a prefect of this school i (MORE)
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Why do you deserve to be a prefect?

I deserve to be a prefect because, I want to proof myself to be a better person and change my attitude from a big spoiled child to a person that can lead. Being a prefect does (MORE)

A manifesto for a school prefect?

Prefectorial System Mayflower Preparatory School practices a system of democracy in electing prefects in the school. Students vying to be prefects must be in form two and must (MORE)
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What is the reasons to be a prefect?

So that you are higher up in the school, and are respected a little more by students in the school and by the teachers, basically so that you can have more of a say within the (MORE)

Why do you want to become a prefect?

I wanna be a prefect because I wanna take new challenge of my life..I never be a prefect before,I wanna know my ability whether i committed or not..not only that,I wanna prote (MORE)