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Is prehistoric a noun?

The 'Prehistoric' is a noun, a proper name, and is capitalized. However, 'prehistoric' is an adjective, and is not capitalized. "We journeyed back to The Prehistoric, where (MORE)

What does prehistoric mean?

Prehistoric refers to anything which preceded written accounts. Anything before the invention of writing (around 5000 years ago) is considered prehistoric. Before recorded h (MORE)

Are frogs prehistoric?

frogs evolved from more lizard-shaped amphibians, most likely during the Triassic, more than 200 million years ago.   Triadobatrachus is a fossil of what is clearly a frog (MORE)

Pictures of prehistoric?

  There were no cameras or humans around, so no photos could be taken, and no drawings could be made, unless the dino's did it themselves, but I never knew them to be tha (MORE)

Are turtles prehistoric?

Yes. The earliest known turtles date from 215 million years ago, making turtles one of the oldest reptile groups and a more ancient group thanlizards, snakes and crocodiles. O (MORE)

What rhymes with prehistoric?

sick, trick, slick, lick, Nick, borek, boric, choric, corrick, couric, doric, florek, lorek, lorick, moric, norick, orick, orrick, roehrich, rohrich, rorick, warrick, yorrick, (MORE)
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What is prehistoric science?

What many may call "prehistoric science" is now usually designated as "pre-scientific". This rubric covers areas of early developments in the study of nature such as early tim (MORE)

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Is prehistoric an adjective?

Yes, it is. It is the adjective form of the noun prehistory. It is  generally used to mean in times before humans began to keep written  records.
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