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What is a prehistory civilization?

One of the keys of civilization is writing. Some historians look at the time before writing as prehistory, and at peoples with organized cultures but without written language (MORE)

When did prehistory start?

Prehistory means before the invention of writing. Remember that there is a difference between proto-writing and true writing. Protowriting happened about 9,000 years ago in 7t (MORE)

How do you learn about prehistory?

Through artifacts , other prehistoric items, and the research written down by scientists, they use the method called Carbon Dating. Although there may be more than this, the o (MORE)

Prehistory can be described as?

Thousands of years ago before people started writing histories. More than five thousand years ago, more or less.
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When was the end of prehistory?

Prehistory is the time before writing was invented. As we know, writing was invented in 3100 BC so the end of prehistory was in 3100 BC.
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Why study prehistory?

Prehistory is a study of events and things that may have been in  existence before records could be kept. This study helps human  beings to understand their origins and what (MORE)
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What is prehistory discribed as?

Pre history is something that hasn't happened yet and you will have to wait for it.
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Where did prehistory begin?

It's somewhat debated, so the best answer I can give you is this:  The term "prehistory" can refer to the vast span of time since the  Universe began, but more often it refe (MORE)
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What can we learn from prehistory?

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