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What is on-premise laundry?

On-premise laundry means that there is a laundry facility on the property. The term is often found in apartment listings, where it means that there is a washer and dryer avail (MORE)

What is marriage premise?

It is based on 2 expectations: 1- expectation of primariness: keeping each other primary/sexual exclusiveness 2- expectations of permanence: work hard to ensure that the r (MORE)

The basic premise of federalism is?

The basic premise of federalism is that two or more governments  share power and authority over the same land and people. Many early  Americans were Federalists, and this id (MORE)

What is difference between on premises and off premises?

on premises means made on site ie in that kitchen and off premises means made at a different site In the UK 'On premises' and 'Off Premises', generally called On or Off licen (MORE)
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What is premise of the Bowen Theory?

The premise of the Bowen Theory is that the family nuclear evaluation will always be the basis of the communication network formed by the mental nexus.
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