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How long are the school holidays in UK?

The length of school holidays can vary year by year in the UK. Generally, February half term is about a week long, Easter is about two weeks, summer half term is about a week, (MORE)
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What is the differences in school in the uk and school in chembakolli?

Schools In Chembakolli are a lot less advanced than UK schools. And there aren't too many schools around due to the amount of money in the Chembakolli government. The learning (MORE)

What is the best dental school in the UK?

  I have seen many dental schools across britain, however by far the most modern and most pretigious is Dundee. They have some big name wold renowned lecturers who if were (MORE)

What are the UK opening school hours?

It usually varies but on average: A Nursery (Ages 3-5) in a school usually runs for 3 hours A Primary School (Ages 4 or 5 - 11) starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:15pm A Secon (MORE)

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