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What is antidotal evidence?

  A grammatical mistake. It is meant to say "anecdotal evidence" which is evidence that may be true but could be unreliable and may or may not lead to the desired conclusi (MORE)

What is latent evidence?

Capable of being but not yet in existence evidence. Latent evidence is evidence at a crime scene that cannot be seen with the eyes. Examples might be a bloos stain that was bl (MORE)

What is a textual evidence?

Textual evidence is evidence/support used to support an  argument/position, and is derived from reading and drawing from  other text. It is provided in the form of quotation (MORE)

What is preponderance of evidence?

  just enough evidence to make it more likely that the plaintiff is correct
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What is evidence of probate of a will?

Evidence of probate of a will comes in the form of a judgment or order for probate and documents called Letters Testamentary. Letters Testamentary are issued by the court that (MORE)

What is the difference between preponderance of evidence and guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

Beyond a reasonable doubt means that the state's evidence is so persuasive, that a reasonable person cannot question the guilt of the person. Preponderance of the evidence me (MORE)

Can circumstantial evidence be convincing evidence?

Actually, circumstantial evidence can be more convincing than eyewitness evidence. That is what the TV show CSI is all about. If we find the accused person's fingerprints at t (MORE)
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What is a sentence for preponderance?

The most common context is in the setting of a civil lawsuit. A majority of the evidence must point to the defendant being the cause of whatever loss the plaintiff is claiming (MORE)