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What is qed on a prescription?

It is actually not qed but qid. It's Latin "quater in die" which means four times a day.
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What is invariant prescription?

Invariant prescriptions involve a type of ritual and are given to parents with children who are psychotic or anorexic in an attempt to break up the family's "dirty game." Also (MORE)

Easement by prescription?

  A prescriptive easement is an easement created from an open, adverse, and continuous use over a statutory period. If you have ever heard of adverse posession, it is esse (MORE)
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Who can alter prescriptions?

No one but the doctor who wrote the prescription, or another doctor acting in his stead in an emergency situation can alter a prescription.
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Do prescriptions expire?

Yes, they most definitely do. If your pharmacy does not put the expiration dates on your prescriptions, you need to call and see if any prescriptions in question are still goo (MORE)
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What is a prescription?

A prescription is a doctor-recommended drug. You can only get this over the counter in pharmacies. This is to prevent people who take drugs for the adrenaline rush and not to (MORE)

How do you get a prescription for Xanax?

If you think you need this anti-anxiety medicine, you describe your symptoms to your health care professional and they will determine what, if any, medications would be best t (MORE)

What are prescription glasses?

Prescription glasses are glasses which have been acquired through a  prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Prescription  glasses are available on the NHS in t (MORE)

How can you get a prescription for roxicodone?

Have an ailment that requires a medication of that level. If you don't have some issue like that then you have no reason for roxicodone right? If you do have an issue, you'r (MORE)
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Is prescription a noun?

Yes, the word 'prescription' is a noun, a singular, common noun. The noun prescription is a concrete noun as a word for a written direction or order for the preparation and u (MORE)