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What is present continuous?

Present Continuous or Present Progressive, the present continuous is formed by adding the present participle (the "ing form") to the present simple of the verb. It is one of t (MORE)

What is a guided presentation?

I am working on a guided presentation now for my IB diploma. It's basically when you lead a group in a paideia, "fishbowl discussion", etc. You would do this by first talking (MORE)

Why do we have presents at Christmas?

The tradition began with the belief that the three wise men brought gifts to the new Christ child. Since Christmas is considered to be Christ's birthday, the tradition of gift (MORE)

How do you do a stardoll presentation?

You need, Microsoft word 2007 and firefox, create you presentation on MS word and then log into your stardoll account, then just drag on drop the created presentation onto the (MORE)

Why do we get presents on Christmas?

When the early Christian church first took the Winter Solstice  festival from the pagan traditions (a ploy to get converts) and  grafted their "Jesus" story onto existing my (MORE)