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What is presentment?

The definition of presentment is "a formal presentation of  information to a court, especially by a sworn jury regarding an  offense or other matter"
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What is the present perfect of the verb present?

I am presenting my essay today. You are presenting him to the church, aren't you? The above sentences are present continuous not present perfect. Present perfect is have (MORE)
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What is the difference of present participle and present?

present is the base form of the verb or verb + s if he, she or it is the subject. I like ice cream. She likes ice cream. The present participle is the ing form of the verb (MORE)

What is the present tense of present?

The present tense of present (to reveal; to show) is: . I/You/We/They present. . He/She/It presents. . The present participle is presenting.
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