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What is the present position of Pakistan in food autarky?

Food Auturky refers to "national economic self-sufficiency in food" Pakistan is essentially an agricultural country but is not self sufficient in food which is not a happy si (MORE)

What is the importance of food presentation on a buffet?

Answer . People 'eat' with their eyes, if food looks good and is presented well it will derive greater pleasure and enjoyment to the consumer.
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Why is food presentation so important?

  Everyone can cook food at home; when going out to a restaurant (or when go to someone's house as a guest), presentation attests to the artistic nature of the experience (MORE)

Effect of color in food presentation?

    Effect of colour in Food Presentation   Two or three colors on a plate are usually more interesting than just one.   Many hot foods, especially meats, poult (MORE)

How do Italians arrange and present the food on their plates?

Family Style   Since Italian meals usually come in what we would call 'courses' consisting of individual dishes served family style, from a serving dish, the presentation (MORE)

How do you make food more presentable?

Well, presentation is surely an art. Think about the last prison movie you saw, where something resembling food was slopped unceremoniously on an inmate's metal tray. Di (MORE)

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