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What is presentment?

The definition of presentment is "a formal presentation ofinformation to a court, especially by a sworn jury regarding anoffense or other matter"
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What is the present is there a present?

Yes there is a present and the present is the past is something that happened yesterday and the future is something that will happen tomorrow. So the present is now (MORE)
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If you were a presented?

this is a dumb ? i don't get it if u were a presented...... presented what?
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What is the present perfect of the verb present?

I am presenting my essay today. You are presenting him to the church, aren't you? The above sentences are present continuous not present perfect. Present perfect is h (MORE)
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How your effectively present a paper presentation?

first of select the topic and then go to internet search all detail about the topic prepare a clear word document. then all needed points and prepare a ppt then explain briefl (MORE)
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How do you do a presentation about you?

you must figure out all the things about your self like hair color, places you have gone ect. then make a presentation
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What is the difference of present participle and present?

present is the base form of the verb or verb + s if he, she or it is the subject. I like ice cream. She likes ice cream. The present participle is the ing form of the ve (MORE)
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What is the present tense of present?

The present tense of present (to reveal; to show) is: . I/You/We/They present. . He/She/It presents. . The present participle is presenting.