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What are preservatives?

A preservative is a natural or synthetic chemical that is added to  products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, paints, biological  samples, wood, etc. to prevent decomposition (MORE)

What is a preserve?

Well, the word preserve can mean a few things. In general it means to keep something for a long period of time. A preserve can be like an Animal Preserve... a place where anim (MORE)
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What is preservative?

A preservative is a substance, usually chemical, that is used to prolong the shelf life of a product.
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Which fruit have preservatives and don't have preservatives?

For this, you'll need to read the labels. Most foods labeled as organic would not be using preservatives. But I understand that there are a few preservatives that could be con (MORE)

How does food preservation preserve food?

Preservatives protect the food from bacteria. It makes it so that it last longer and taste great! Think of PRE-SER-VA-TION, it preserves the food so that bacteria and other ha (MORE)