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What is biocentric preservation?

Biocentric preservation, or biocentrism, is the ethical stance that all biological organisms have a purpose in the ecosystem and deserve protection. This view is the opposite (MORE)
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What is original preservation?

Original Preservation is the process of fossilization, where the actual organism is preserved in whole or in part.
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How does ice preserve?

The cold ice stops the decaying process. Because ice is so cold it stops any bacteria growing so that the wooly mammoth won't rot.
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How do you preserve water?

It is not necessary to heat treat water to be stored for emergencies. Water reserves can be stored in thoroughly washed, clean containers with tight-fitting lids such as plast (MORE)

Example of preservatives?

Salt(for fish,dried fruits,nuts etc),salt water(for canned vegetable,meat),honey(for fruits) are natural preservatives.Vinegar,acetic acid,benzoic acid,ascorbic acid etc are c (MORE)
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How To Preserve Nature?

to preserve nature, we should not throw waste materials in lakes and rivers.Instead of India's rituals ,the government should not allow people to throw anything in it.we shoul (MORE)
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What is preservative?

A preservative is a substance, usually chemical, that is used to prolong the shelf life of a product.
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Can resin preserve?

The answer to this question is: Yes, resin can preserve. Formally known as tree resin, it is a white, thick liquidized substance that was a tree sap. When tree resin solidifie (MORE)

Glycerin is it preservative?

Not really, glycerin is a humidicant. Meaning that it does not evaporate and in fact absorbs water from the air. It is this property of glycerin that keeps "glycerin preserved (MORE)

How do you preserve organs?

(Before they are harvested): Donor should have adequte oxygen supply until organs have been harvested, otherwise organs will degrade within the body. Donors who stop breathing (MORE)