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What is preservative 242?

242   E242  Dimethyl dicarbonate  Yeast inhibitor, preservative. Used in fruit drinks, sports drinks and wine.
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How do you preserve avocados?

If you haven't cut them open yet then the best way is punting them in the freezer to slow down the expiration time of them, but if you have already cut them open then the best (MORE)

How are olives preserved?

Crack each olive open and put into bowl of water, change water daily for a period of two weeks. After 14 days place in a solution of brine, 100g of salt per litre of water, le (MORE)

What is food preservation?

Food preservation is the process of treating and handling  food in such a way as to stop or greatly slow down spoilage to  prevent food from getting rotten This can be done (MORE)

What is the noun for preserve?

The word preserve is both a verb (preserve, preserves, preserving, preserved) and a noun (preserve, preserves). The noun form is a word for something that has been preserved, (MORE)
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What is the importance of preservation?

the importance of preservation : a) to prevent organisms such as tiger and plant from extinct b) to ensure that the composition of gases in the air stay balanced c) to en (MORE)

Why do we do food preservation?

We do food preservation to extend the life of some food so we can eat it at a time when fresh food is not available.
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What are food preservatives?

Food preservatives are chemicals that prevent food from spoilage  due to microbial   growth. Table salt, sugar, vegetable oil, sodium benzoate  (C6H3COONa), and salts of (MORE)

Where do you buy preservatives?

You can buy natural food preservatives from Global Natural Food  Preservatives Suppliers. You can type in food additives in the  internet and it will bring up suppliers of c (MORE)