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What does a president do?

The President of the United States is considered an important position who is an avid follower of this year's presidential campaign. "While Congress puts most powers in check, (MORE)

Why do you have presidents?

Someone has to run the nation. The president is the person of the people. Without the president, who is going to think through all of the bills passed by congress? No one. (MORE)

Can you be the president?

I cannot be the president because I dont have enough money but i wish i could however i would be happy to write policy behind the scenes. i have some good ideas

What is president?

A president is the leader of a nation of people. Presidents areleaders of people who are ruled under a democracy.

What will he do as president?

My Friend Hannah Looked This Up Too And She Found Something That Said He Would Change The Natinal Anthem.. P.S. I Hate John McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MORE)

What is Presider?

Presider is a rather recent term that has come into use to replace the older term celebrant. The word celebrant came into use after the Second Vatican Council because the Holy (MORE)

Who is the president and what does he do?

Barack Obama is the Pres. of the U.S. His duties include signing and vetoing bills, proposing laws to congress, and building good relations with other world leaders. He is als (MORE)