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What does the president do?

The president is Chief Executive and chooses government officials with approval by the Senate.He or she is Chief Legislator and can veto bills in Congress or use influence to (MORE)

What vice presidents became president?

Fourteen vice presidents have become president, eight because of  the death of a president. These eight so-called 'accidental  presidents' were John Tyler (VP for W, H. Harr (MORE)

Which US presidents did not have a vice president?

A total of 17 US Presidents did not have Vice Presidents for at least part of their term of office, and 4 had no Vice President for their entire term, having become President (MORE)

Which president had a son who died when he was president?

Several presidents lived to see a son die-- Abraham Lincoln lost two young sons, Calvin Coolidge's son also died young... but they were not climbing mountains. Mr. Lincoln's s (MORE)

Who was president and vice president in 1800?

The year 1800 was an election year. The outgoing President was John  Adams and Vice President was Thomas Jefferson. The incoming  President elected that year was Thomas Jeff (MORE)

Which presidents had 2 vice presidents?

US presidents who had more than one Vice President President Thomas Jefferson-1801-1809 Aaron Burr & George Clinton President James Madison-1809-1817 George Clinton & Elbrid (MORE)