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What is stylus pressure?

According to my understanding it is the pressure that gets applied on the measured body by the instrument itself. For excample: If u are measuring a cube with a vernier cali (MORE)

What is media pressure?

media pressure is when things like models and newspapers and the television make people feel like they have to look different , like it might make boys think they need a six p (MORE)

What is pressure of exams?

exam pressure is just a feeling that every student felt or will feel at least once.. its a normal reaction of being afraid to fail or afraid if the exam is hard... my advice i (MORE)

What is pressure?

Pressure is the amount of force pressing on something. Airpressure is the force with which air presses. The force comes fromthe bombardment of the moving air particles. A com (MORE)
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What is the dimension for pressure?

pressure = force / area. dimension for force = MLT^-2 dimension of area = L^2 therefore, the dimension of pressure = MLT^-2/L^2, = ML^-1T^-2
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What is high pressure?

If you mean by air pressure, High air pressure is how much air there is upon you. IF you were on the death valley, you would have lots of air pressure. If you were on a mounta (MORE)

What are pressure groups?

A pressure group is an organization whose members seek to influence  the policies of public bodies or employers.
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What does wind have to do with pressure?

When a strong wind blows at you, you can feel the urge to lean forward to compensate the force applied by the wind on your body surface, so not to tip over. Hence, wind applie (MORE)