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Is Chris Tucker muslium?

  indeed yes. feel free to go to youtube n type chris tucker. u'll find the answer there.. a video on chris or omar, his name in islam, going hajj.

Where did best bib and tucker come from?

This is English so this comes from England. Surprisingly, this is not an idiom. There is no figurative aspect to this saying. Bib and Tucker refers to clothing. Specifically a (MORE)

Is chris tucker left handed?

  I'm sure he is...Because if you look at the video he did with Michael Jackson, he eats with his left hand, & snaps his fingers with his left hand, while he's dancing...A (MORE)

Who is tanya tucker?

She is a country music singer/songwriter. She began in the mid 70s with Delta Dawn when she was just about 13 yrs old. Been singing ever since. I recommend "Nickel Dreams:My L (MORE)

How many tucker cars are left?

There is only 20 original cars left in the world. Some of these vehicles have sold at auctions for over a million dollars. acctually there's 47, and tucker number 51
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Who is Billy Preston?

He was a keyboard player who played on the Beatles album Let It Be, he passed away June 6, 2006
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Did Chris Tucker have to face racism?

yes, he did and still does too but it rarely bugs him because you can't stop people's thoughts whether it's right or wrong but some of his friends, such as Michael Jackson, ha (MORE)