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Why was Zeus the god presumed dangerous?

He was presumed dangerous because if someone "angered" him, he would supposedly punish that person (ex: lightning, kill a loved one, etc.). Also, he was king of all gods and h (MORE)

What does presume mean?

Presume is a concept of believing something but without proof. It can also mean an unwarranted assumption or liberty (adjective presumptuous). The law presumes a person to be (MORE)

Why was Aphrodite presumed dangerous?

because she seduced a King of the seeded red race, and then  murdered him in cold blood. His body was cut up, and eaten by  Aphrodite, and her Annunaki conspirators to attai (MORE)

Why is Ares presumed dangerous?

Ares is presumed so because of being the ancient Greek god of blood lust and war.
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Why Artemis presumed dangerous?

Good Question Artemis was presumed dangerous because of her killing  of Orion the famous hunter. Also because Greek gods and goddesses  thought that the killing of God's cre (MORE)

Why is man presumed to be good?

Only the misguided or shortsighted might have such a monopole vision, and historically there have been those of the philosophical persuasion who argued it, especially during t (MORE)