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What does presume mean?

Presume is a concept of believing something but without proof. It can also mean an unwarranted assumption or liberty ( adjective presumptuous ). The law presumes a person to (MORE)

A sentence with presume in it?

To presume something is to have the opinion that it will probablyhappen. An example of a sentence using the word "presume" would be:I haven't spoken to her yet, but I presume (MORE)

What does presuming mean?

Presume has 2 different meanings:. to expect or assume with confidence. to undertake without permission or good reason
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What is a sentence for presume?

Even though she knew him well, she was careful not to presume whathe was thinking. He didn't want to presume he knew what wouldhappen next.
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What is a synonym for presumed?

If you've presumed something, it means you've come to accept something as truth. For example: "My roommate was gone for several days, so I presumed he moved out." Some synony (MORE)

What rhymes with presume?

Bloom, blum, blume, boom, broom, broome, coombe, croom,crume, doom, flume, fume, gloom, glume, groom, groome, grume,hume, kume, loom, plume, resume, rheaume, rheum, room,roome (MORE)