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What is presumptive tax?

Presumptive tax is a way of applying a tax using indirect methods.These methods may be income reconstruction, or other methods. Thisis a good way to ensure the tax is not avoi (MORE)
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What is presumptive sentencing?

Presumptive sentencing is the explanation of penalties in relationto a set of law infringements. These would be a normal sentence forany offense made.
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Can you use presumptive in a sentence?

She thought he was being presumptive by inviting himself up to her apartment, but truthfully he had just felt a bout of diarrhea coming on and wanted to be close to a bathro (MORE)
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What is presumption of abuse?

Presumptive evidence refers to evidence which tends to prove the existence of one fact by proof of the existence of other facts from which the first may be logically inferred. (MORE)
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How do you pronounce presumption?

According to the OALD, an aspirated p as in pie, followed by a rolled r as in rock, then a short i* as in m i dsh i pman, followed by a z as in zoo, then a short a as in sh u (MORE)
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What rhymes with presumption?

The only way to rhyme using presumption is to use 2 or three words totaling in 3 syllables the same way presumption is pronounced. For example pre-sump-tion, sees-some-thing, (MORE)
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How do you use presumptively in a sentence?

I brought this schedule conflict to Coach Rob Vigeant's attention on our behalf, hope I am not speaking out too presumptively for the parents.
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What are the presumptive argument structures?

The presumptive argument forms are: Appeal to Expert Opinion - A is an expert in subject B A asserts C about B C may plausibly be taken to be true about B Position to know - (MORE)