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States with presumptive joint custody?

In the event of a divorce, several states have laws concerning the  presumptive joint custody of any children involved. The District of  Columbia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Flori (MORE)

What do you understand by presumptive tax system in India?

Presumptive tax assumes that organisation is making profit. And this profit is then taxed by a fixed percentage.   The tax is generally used to put some specific businesse (MORE)

What are the presumptions of legal intentions?

The phrase "legal intentions" arises most frequently in connection with contract law. One's legal intentions are those intentions that a reasonable person would attribute to (MORE)

What is presumptive tax?

Presumptive tax is a way of applying a tax using indirect methods.  These methods may be income reconstruction, or other methods. This  is a good way to ensure the tax is no (MORE)

What are presumptive arguments based on?

Presumptive arguments are based on plausibility, which is whether a statement seems true in normal situations. The conclusion from the argument is tentatively acceptable if th (MORE)

What are the presumptive argument structures?

The presumptive argument forms are: Appeal to Expert Opinion- A is an expert in subject B A asserts C about B C may plausibly be taken to be true about B Position to know- In (MORE)