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What is presynaptic inhibition?

Inhibition of a stimulatory neuron before it synapses, by inhibiting Ca2+ entry and blocking downstream processes, preventing neurotransmitter release, and therefore preventin (MORE)
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What is presynaptic facilitation?

an action will happen cause of axo-axonal syanapse,which can facilitate the nerve impulse transmitting from presynaptic membrane to post synaptic membrane. In the axo-axonal (MORE)
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Presynaptic neurons release neurotransmitters by?

An action potential travels down the neuron and reaches the presynaptic knob. This causes the Calcium ion channels to open and allow an influx of calcium into the knob. The i (MORE)
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What is a presynaptic neuron?

a neuron from the axon terminal of which an electrical impulse is transmitted across a synaptic cleft to the cell body or one or more dendrites of a postsynaptic neuron by the (MORE)
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How do Presynaptic neurons release neurotransmitters?

They don't, the neurotransmitters stay on either side of thesynapse. Neurotransmitters are released when the synaptic vesiclesfuse with the presynaptic neuron's membrane, so a (MORE)
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What is presynaptic excitation?

Presynaptic excitation is also known as the spike broadening affect. It usually occurs between axoaxonic synapses. The first axon depolarizes the second axon, resulting in an (MORE)
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What are presynaptic inhibition and facilitation?

Presynaptic Inhibition: Decreases neurotransmitters release. Ex.endorphins inhibit pain sensation Presynaptic Facilitation: Increases neurotransmitters release. Ex.Glutamate
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What is the presynaptic knob ca2?

Your question isn't very clear.... Presynaptic knob is the neurone before the synapse. Postsynaptic knob is the neurone after the synapse. Calcium ions diffuse into the presyn (MORE)