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Why has capitalism has prevailed?

Capitalism has prevailed over communism because it provides individual incentives. The harder you work, the more you can get for yourself. Where as in communism, the essential ( Full Answer )
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Will Christianity prevail?

Answer . The truth always prevails, slowly but surely. If Christianity has the truth then it will prevail, but only if it has the truth.. Answer . "What has been the fa ( Full Answer )
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Why does Christianity prevail?

Opinions on why Christianity prevails . The reason Christianity prevails is that God is behind it. All through history, people and nations have tried to wipe out Christiani ( Full Answer )
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What are prevailing westerlies?

The west-to-east winds that occur in the temperate zones of theearth. They carry warm moist air, bringing rain.
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What are the prevailing westerlies?

The prevailing westerly's are one of 5 primary wind zones that makeup our atmosphere's circulatory system. The winds are known toprimarily originate from the west in this regi ( Full Answer )
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What is prevailing easterlies?

Prevailing Easterlies are global wind belts emerging from the Trade Winds to the Polar Westerlies, coming from the East.
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What rhymes with prevail?

detail, mail, male, fail, retail, etc. 1 syllable: ail, ale, bail, bale, braille, dail, dale, fail, flail, frail, gael, gail, gaile, gale, grail, hail, hale, jail, kale, ma ( Full Answer )
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What is the prevailing view?

"The prevailing view" is the view shared by most (or all) of the people in a given group. It means, in essence, the same as "the most commonly accepted view." This group ca ( Full Answer )
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What is prevailing torque?

The torque required to run a nut down a thread on certain types of nuts designed to resist vibration loosening. The resistance can be provided by a plastic insert or a noncirc ( Full Answer )
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What do the Prevailing Westerlies do?

carry the warm waters and wind from the equator to the westerncoasts of the continents.