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How do you prevent fire?

1.Fit smoke alarms and make sure they have a BS kitemark. Test monthly and change batteries annually. 2.Chip-pan fires are the most frequent type of fire - take care and nev (MORE)

How do you prevent aphids?

[1] Aphids are native to the U.S. As late as the 19th-very early 20th century, they lived in balance with host plants and with natural enemies. The balance was so finetuned th (MORE)

How can you prevent prevent parent alienation?

  Educate yourself as much as possible. Educate your ex and his/her as much as possible about how harmful these behaviors are to children. Sometimes, specially during acri (MORE)

How do you prevent cretinism?

Cretinism is a condition of hypothyroidism during fetal life, infancy, and childhood. Characteristics include both severe stunted body growth and mental retardation. It is cau (MORE)

How do prevent gastritis?

Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. This can be caused due to many reasons. Indigestion, Irregular dietary habits, spicy food. Here are some simple d (MORE)

What is a preventive plan?

A preventative plan can help develop regular maintenance.  Maintenance can help to divert future disasters. It includes  regular system back ups and a plan to replace and up (MORE)

How do you prevent spreading?

One way I prevented spreading that was associated with minor poision ivy was by immediantly washing my hands as I got inside,using anti-itch gel & covering up the spot on my a (MORE)
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Is acromegaly preventable?

this disease is not preventable as of 2004, but although that may be true, there has been lots of medical development within the last 6 years, so there may be a prevention, bu (MORE)